Soniclear Meeting Recorder 9

Product Description

Digital Recording For Formal Meetings and Planning Sessions

The Soniclear Meeting Recorder 9 uses a Windows PC or laptop to be an easy to use audio recorder for meetings, briefings and non-evidential interviews. The software is supplied on a CD and with the usb key and can be used as a “floating” solution for use on any computer or “locked” to a particular computer. The supplied microphone is omnidirectional and is ideal where a group of people are present. The Soniclear 9 removes the need for note taking and prevents any disputes as to what has been said.


  • Audio recording software may be permanently loaded onto a particular computer and “locked” or used as a floating license on any suitable PC or laptop.
  • Audio recordings automatically saved to prevent accidental erasure
  • High quality mono / stereo digital recording to ensure maximum clarity with options to set quality required
  • Easy to use controls for “Record”, “Stop”, “Play” and “Pause”
  • Omni-directional microphone to capture all voices, easy to use, unobtrusive and can be moved between computers
  • Built in transcription software with variable replay speed and “voice boost” facility for word processing of recordings
  • Share recording of meetings with others. Recordings can be burnt to disk to provide copy or e-mailed / uploaded
  • Replaces cassette recorders and hand held dictation recorders


Digital Recording in 3 Easy Steps

Simple installation from CD and usb key
1. Install the SoniClear software
2. Plug in microphone
3. Start software and click “Record” button


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