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NEAL 8221P Dual Interview Recorder

In the world of law enforcement, commercial investigations and disciplinary hearings, the NEAL dual recorder gives us an impartial and accurate ear, which benefits both employer and employee alike, an essential tool for companies today.

The concept of producing tamper proof recordings of important discussions may be new within your company, however, at NEAL, we are increasingly seeing more and more commercial organisations working this concept into their interview and disciplinary strategies. The recordings allow interviews to be impartial, effective and indisputable.

NEAL has been pre-eminent in providing high-integrity, custom designed audio interview recording for well over a decade. Originally designed to satisfy the legal requirements for prosecutions (PACE) the interview range is now used in many situations where a dispute regarding the contents of a conversation may occur.

NEAL Dual Interview Recorder (Model 8221P) comprises two identical audio cassette recording transport mechanisms engineered to perform consistently over an extended life with routine maintenance confined to periodic cleaning of the recording heads.

A number of safety measures and fail-safe features are built-in (see below) to provide the highest integrity of recorded material.
(Due to our policy of continuous improvement, NEAL reserve the right to change the specification of their products without prior notice).


Tape Transport .
Two interconnected logic-controlled reel motors and single capstan drive.
Both mechanisms are solenoid-actuated.

Tape Requirements.
Standard ferric oxide audio cassette tapes; (C30, C60, C90, C120).

Tape Speed.
4.76 cm/sec (17/8 ips).

Recording Level Control.
Automatic, indicated by 4 segment bargraph display to accurately indicate recording level.

Recording Heads.
Standard stereo record heads conforming to BS 6288 (one per deck).

Recording Format.
Channel 1 (Left channel).
Voice signal (Interview recording).
Channel 2 (Right channel).
Automatic announcement of time and date.

Control Functions.
“Record” and “Stop” buttons to activate or deactivate both recording transport mechanisms simultaneously.

Time Stamp Format.
Model 8221P: Real Time (24 hour format) giving year, month, date, hours, minutes and seconds as spoken announcement every 10 seconds.

Time Reference.
The crystal controlled clock for the time announcements features an internal battery backup.

Time Adjustment.
The 8221P automatically changes the time from BST to GMT and GMT to BST. This facility can be user disabled.

Security Features.
No erase, rewind or fast-forward functions are provided, in order that it can be proven that an interviewer would not have had the facility to edit a recording during the course of an interview.
The provision of time announcements provides affirmation that an interview has been recorded in its entirety, and that no selection has been applied to the recording process. Time-stamping also provides the means by which duplicates or copies of recordings can be cross-matched with originals to provide authenticity.


Fail-safe Features
Visual (LED) Alarm:
1. Low Battery Alarm.
Flashes when 45 minutes of recording time remains and continues until recharge or reconnection to mains.
2. Audio Alarm.
A visual alarm also indicates whenever the audio alarm triggers.
Audio Alarm:
Sounds for 7 seconds after the record button is depressed (to ensure that no part of the recording is lost on the unsensitized tape leader).
For 1 second, when 2 minutes of running time remains on either tape (detected by sensor irrespective of cassette tape length).
If the auto-monitoring system incorporated into the twin recording amplifiers detects no signal on any channel on any tape for 60 seconds or more.

Eject Interlock.
Eject mechanisms are electromagnetically
interlocked to prevent accidental ejection while recording is in progress.

Recording Integrity.
Both transport mechanisms are controlled by interconnected logic circuits to provide identical parallel operation and to stop both mechanisms if a fault occurs in either.

Audio Performance.
(Measured in accordance with BS 5942).
Frequency response: 250Hz - 10,000Hz±5dB.
Wow and Flutter: Better than ± 0.4%
Signal to noise ratio: 53 dB referred to 250nWb/m flux density.
Total harmonic distortion: Less than 3%.

Internal Microphone.
An internal microphone is provided. This is automatically disabled when an External Boundary Layer microphone is used.
An External Boundary Layer microphone specially designed for speech recording can be used.

Auto Switch Off.
Recorder automatically switches off, to conserve battery life, if there is no activity for 5 minutes (unless an interview is in progress).

Power Requirements.
220/240 50Hz external mains power supply.
(110/120V 60Hz available to order).
An internal rechargeable battery is provided giving 4 hours continuous recording.
A connection lead is available to use the recorder and recharge the battery from external 12Vdc power source.

Physical Dimensions.
Overall Size
370mm wide x 160mm high x 150mm deep.
Approx. 3.6Kg with internal rechargeable battery and mains power unit.