Quality and conformance


Canford Group Quality Policy

It is the policy of The Canford Group to supply products which meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations.

Our goal is to always do our best for our customers, supplying products which are fit for purpose, whether outsourced or manufactured in house, the most popular being generally available from stock at a fair market price and meeting all relevant requirements. In seeking to meet this objective we take into account customer requirements, company specifications and statutory requirements, supported by feedback from all stakeholders.

To assist us in achieving our goal, we have developed processes and systems that provide us with a framework for establishing and reviewing our objectives and are committed to compliance with IS9001:2008. We will seek to effectively communicate our objectives as well as encouraging staff at all levels to participate in continuously improving our performance and promoting customer satisfaction. All of this contributes to our aspiration to “get it right first time”.

The Directors will revise this policy to ensure its continuing suitability and employ skilled staff to apply it throughout the organisation.

Canford IS09001 Quality Standard Certificate

Customer satisfaction is paramount, so for Canford, ISO9001:2008 is not just a symbol on the letterhead, it is a framework that embodies the philosophy of quality and continual improvement on which the company is built. Canford has been an ISO9001 quality registered company since 1995 and every aspect of the business is driven by these principles. Teams drawn from all areas of the company undertake a rolling schedule of audits. In addition, a comprehensive external audit is carried out every six months by SGS, an IRCA and UKAS registered verification company.

In addition to the Quality Manager, Canford employs a full time Technical Compliance Officer who is tasked with keeping the company up to date with, in particular, European legislation. Canford is registered, as required by law, as a ‘Producer’ with the UK Environment Agency (Reg No: WEE/KG0116XU), was the first UK (non consumer) electronics manufacturer to introduce lead-free soldering and has a continuing programme of monitoring and updating its products to keep in step with current legislation.