5204 Cassette Transcriber

Product Description

The 5204 cassette transcriber is designed specifically for the replay of taped interviews from the 7000 series range of NEAL interview recorders. Robust in design, the 5204 has been constructed to cope with the rigorous play, stop and rewind process involved in transcribing. A full three motor transport ensures that accuracy and precision is foremost within the transcription procedure therefore safeguarding the evidentially of the recordings and guaranteeing total impartiality and reliability within a challenging office environment.


  • Operation is simple – one touch buttons provide wind, forward, play and stop functions.
  • A backspace control is fitted to give a variable backspace between zero and three seconds when ‘stop’ is operated.
  • The interview and time announcement levels can be varied via the audio slider controls (note that there is sufficient gain available at the maximum position of each level to provide full output volume from an under recorded tape) and an LED indicator now shows interview time elapsed in individual seconds as opposed to bands of 30 seconds.
  • A three position foot switch is supplied providing start/stop, rewind and wind.
  • The two replay channels are mixed together to form a single audio output. This can be monitored through the internal loudspeaker or through external headphones.

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Data Sheet
  • Use with:

    • Lightweight Headphones