USB Foot Pedal Control

Product Description


This ruggedly constructed USB Foot Pedal Control for the NEAL Transcription Player Software provides play, forward and rewind controls. Ergonomically designed for minimal to no foot fatigue, it is generously sized to suit all sizes of feet.

There is a wide, sloping incline for the Play pedal, permitting the foot to rest comfortably in place while transcribing or dictating, changing to rewind or fast forward by pivoting on the heel. It is heavy enough to stay in place under the desk without being shuffled around by normal foot movements. Heavy-duty micro-switches and robust construction offer reliable performance.

It is supplied with a 2.3 metre cable with USB plug (USB1.00). Weight: 1.15kg

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N.B. For footpedal control for NEAL 5204 cassette transcriber please contact NEAL Sales

Data Sheet
  • Use with:

    • NEAL Transcription Player Software