About NEAL

NEAL recorders are in use with many law enforcement organisations in the UK in addition to law enforcement organisations in countries world-wide. Our products, whether used for investigation, disciplinary or interviews, provide a complete and evidential account of what has been said. “NO DISPUTE”

The leading provider of high integrity, professional interview recording equipment.

Originally NEAL manufactured cassette recorders for professional applications. This technology was developed into an unmatched range of secure audio recording and transcription systems for legal applications, particularly criminal evidence interviews. The NEAL reputation for quality, ease of operation and reliability makes it the preferred choice of many government agencies and large corporations worldwide.
Part of the Canford Group since 1996, close co-operation with law enforcement organisations has been an essential part of the development of our secure evidential recorders and digital systems. The state of the art range still includes cassette based systems for those who value its simplicity but includes highly robust, simple to operate digital hardware and software systems for the recording of interviews, meetings, disciplinary hearings and for the subsequent transcription. All systems are manufactured in the Washington factory.
For more information on the NEAL product range please contact the NEAL Sales team on +44 (0)191 418 1199 or sales@neal.co.uk.