About NEAL Recorders

NEAL is the leading provider of high integrity.professional.audio .interview recording equipment.

Easy to use

User friendly and designed to be used by non-technical personnel. One touch buttons provide record and stop functionality. Uses standard audio recording formats so easily replayed on any CD player, most DVD players and a wide range of Software /Audio Programs.

Reduce time scales

Dual or triple simultaneous and identical recordings provide interviewer and interviewee with an immediate copy of the interview or a master which can be sealed for evidential purposes. Guaranteed accuracy ensures no subsequent disputes regarding what was said.

Accurate and reliable

No need to write notes during the interview and risk errors or omissions. Each recorder has audible and visual alarms to confirm that the interview is being successfully recorded.

Saves you money

Efficient and effective by reducing the time to conduct an interview and removing the possibility of subsequent disputes.


Erase, rewind and fast-forward functions are not provided in order that it can be proven that an interviewer would not have had the facility to edit a recording during the course of an interview. The provision of time stamping provides confirmation that an interview has been recorded in its entirety, and that no selection has been applied to the recording process. Complies with relevant legal requirements for evidential interview recording so can withstand judicial scrutiny where applicable.